Guidelines for Volunteers

Volunteers play an important role in the quality of life in all Tredyffrin/Easttown schools. The assistance and support they offer to staff and students is invaluable and their contributions are part of what make our schools special. The following guidelines have been developed to assist you in serving in this unique function. Offering to volunteer in any district school assumes your understanding and agreement with these guidelines.

Information you may see or hear can affect the lives and futuresof individual students. Volunteers must respect the privacy of this information and maintain the same in strict confidence. This same standard of confidentiality applies to policy statements, school procedures and district reports.

Relations with Students
Volunteers are viewed by students and parents as representatives of the School Board and the School Administration, and are perceived by students as authority figures. When issues or a personal or controversial nature are raised by students, volunteers are placed in a difficult position. While working in a volunteer capacity in school or at school-related activities however, volunteers must refrain from debating, discussing or imposing their opinions on students on personal or controversial issues.

Responsibility for Students
Teachers bear the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of students during school activities. When working with students, or chaperoning field trips or school activities, parent volunteers must report all incidents of inappropriate behavior or situations in which students might be in danger to the teacher in charge of the activity.

School personnel depend upon and plan for the assistance of the volunteers on a regular basis. Volunteers are encouraged to notify the various personnel with whom they work as far in advance as possible if they are unable to help in their regular time slot. Concerns or questions about the guidelines or volunteer assignments should be referred to the Coordinator of Community and Volunteer Services at (610) 240-1913.